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SystemD - NIHIL VEL PERTINAX SUM — LiveJournal
The Web Log of Linuxrocks123

Date: 2014-04-04 20:09
Subject: SystemD
Security: Public

Just read that bug report. I mean ... just ... read it.

"Generic terms are generic, not the first user owns them."

SystemD parses the KERNEL'S command line, sees a parameter that has always been intended for the KERNEL to use, and responds by spamming the KERNEL'S debug log so much that the boot fails.

And then this is reported as a bug. And then SystemD says it's not their problem.

Linus can be abrasive. Linus can be wrong. In this case, Linus is 100% correct.

Slackware doesn't use SystemD. My hope is that Slackware never will. These arrogant, opinionated, anti-UNIX twats have no business managing the core of a Linux system.

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