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Wikipedia Needs A Fork - NIHIL VEL PERTINAX SUM — LiveJournal
The Web Log of Linuxrocks123

Date: 2014-11-14 20:44
Subject: Wikipedia Needs A Fork
Security: Public
Title says it all. Wikipedia's destructive deletionist policies and general dysfunction have led to a situation where they are no longer reasonably responsible stewards of the compendium of human knowledge they hold. Deletionpedia is a good start. We probably need more than one guy with a script that (as of now at least) isn't really working right. But this is necessary if we are to stop knowledge of all things politicking, bureaucratic twats might consider "not noteworthy" from being simply erased from human knowledge. The site has had years to get its act in order; instead, as I view it from (mostly) the outside, it's spiraling further into dysfunction. They have demonstrated that they can't fix their culture. What to do? What is always done in OSS-land when a maintainer goes bad. Fork.

And it's important this be done fairly soon. You wouldn't host a site like Wikipedia in China. You also shouldn't host it under the stewardship of a bureaucracy that feels the need to censor 10K text files (and it's not the disk space anyway ... admins can restore deleted pages, so they're still on the server, just being censored) containing interesting information about cult favorite cultural artifacts because "IT'S NOT NOTEWORTHY".

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