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Facebook Repost - NIHIL VEL PERTINAX SUM — LiveJournal
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Date: 2016-04-28 21:15
Subject: Facebook Repost
Security: Public
I spent too long on this post to a Facebook friend, in the context of a discussion about trans-women in public restrooms, so it's getting reposted here:

You aren't going to be a statistic. Here are some statistics:
- Your chance (white female 25-29) of dying from murder in the US this year is 0.002%. For me (white male 25-29) it's a staggering 0.0077% ... omg it's almost 9pm and I'm still at the office; I'm a goner I guess.
- Your chance of being raped this year is 0.06%. It's actually higher because most rape victims are women. Let's assume all are: 0.12%. And it's maybe actually higher than that because youth is probably a risk factor. So let's double it again just for the hell of it: 0.24%.
- But that includes all rapes ... only 18% of rapes are by strangers. 0.24*0.18=0.0432%. That's the approximate chance some evil sicko will follow you into a bathroom and rape you, or assault you while you walk to your car, etc., etc., all of that.
- Your chance of outright just dying from anything at all is (accidents+murder+cancer+etc.) is 0.0556%.

Conclusion: you're more likely to die this year than get raped. And neither is at all likely to happen at all at all AT ALL.

TV, movies, newspapers, activists using alarmism to get attention, and others all like to put a big bright spotlight on violent crime, but it's actually quite rare ... like, really, really rare. Even at your current age, you're more likely to die from cancer than from murder.

You shouldn't be scared of men, or being alone in a restroom, or ... well, anything at all, really. It's not rational, and the reason you are is because the irrationality of our culture has slimed you.

So de-slime yourself. You'll feel better.

Sources. The mortality table one is a good read:
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